FreightConnect creates sales & marketing opportunities for you everyday

With over 10,000 brand new companies and personal contacts added each month, you'll never have to wonder where your next sale is coming from

What does FreightConnect do and why should I care?

FreightConnect is a transportation database that you can use for sales and marketing leads and grow your business.

You will save hours each day so you can focus on the things that make you money.

Industries in the transportation space rely on FreightConnect every day - freeing up precious hours for sales and marketing to do what they do best - create relationships and win business.

How does FreightConnect help my company generate more business?

You and your team can segment interstate/intrastate carriers and brokers into highly targeted lists that you know are ready for your service - getting ahead of your competition.

Being front and center with the customers who need you most, right when they need you, is how companies are increasing sales by 30% in as little as three months.

What benefit do I get when all this information is public?

In one word, convenience. Would you rather spend precious time aggregating your own information manually, from up to 5 sources at the DOT, only to find that the information could be outdated the following day?

Smart companies and business owners understand the efficiency FreightConnect offers. You also get access to decision makers right from the start without having to jump through hoops.

Not only is FreightConnect convenient, you'll be able to contact companies and decision makers directly by name before they are available on SAFER. Nowhere else can you get that type of competitive advantage.

See how FreightConnect can simplify your workflow

  • Get access to decision makers’ names, emails, and phone numbers
  • New carriers added the same day they apply for authority
  • Search and filter carriers in your network and target market
  • Carrier records updated every 24 hours
  • Export lists of leads

I already use another data provider. Why should I consider using FreightConnect?

There are two main reasons why people choose FreightConnect: Speed and Completeness.

FreightConnect users have confirmed through their own tests that they gain up to 85% more qualified leads with a minimum 3 - 5 day head start compared to competitive services.

For most people, you don't know what you don't know.

We use a CRM. How can we use your data in our system?

You can export lists of companies to a CSV file for easy upload into your system or even keep your entire prospect and customer list in sync through an integration.

Each business operates differently and has different needs. FreightConnect specializes in offering custom services in ways other companies cannot compete.

FreightConnect even offers a full transportation CRM system complete with the transportation data.

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