FreightConnect Sells Trucking Company Leads, Motor Carrier Leads & Freight Broker Leads

Get access to new DOT applicant trucking company leads 3 days faster than anywhere else - with decision maker's names, emails and phone numbers

What does FreightConnect do and why should I care?

FreightConnect sources motor carrier leads, freight broker leads and trucking company leads for people offering all kinds of services. FreightConnect is the only trucking company lead provider that offers a personal name, email and phone number on new authorities - allowing you to be one of the first to build a relationship.

How does FreightConnect help my company generate more business?

You can target new DOT applicants, both interstate and intrastate trucking companies, in a just a few clicks. Because information is gathered so quickly, you have a huge competitive advantage over anyone else in the industry.

What benefit do I get when all this information is public?

In one word, convenience. We capture phone numbers, addresses and email addresses before they're even available at SAFER and Licensing & Insurance; all without you having to lookup random numbers and waste time guessing. We also have Company Official information, which is a decision makers name, email and phone number for new DOT applicants.

The Industries Best Motor Carrier & Trucking Company Leads

  • Get access to decision maker's names, emails, and phone numbers
  • New carriers added the same day they apply for authority
  • Search and filter carriers in your network and target market
  • Carrier records updated every 24 hours
  • Export lists of leads

We have phone numbers and emails you can't find anywhere else

I already use another data provider. Why should I consider using FreightConnect?

There are two main reasons why people choose FreightConnect: speed and completeness. FreightConnect finds motor carrier leads at least three days faster than anyone else (within an hour of their application). If you care about accurate leads and the freshest trucking company leads, then FreightConnect is right for you.

Even if you're searching for existing companies, we offer the freshest and most complete trucking company leads on the market.

We use a CRM. How can we use your data in our system?

You can export lists of trucking company leads to a CSV file for easy upload into your system or even keep your entire prospect and customer list in sync through an integration.

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