How to generate over 8,000 leads a month and increase your business by over 30% in as little as 3 months


What is FreightConnect, and why should I care?

FreightConnect is a transportation database that connects you to your target market in ways you never thought possible. Companies just like your's are growing their business every day by creating laser targeted lead lists that are updated daily. As a salesperson and service provider, it's important to interact with real prospects and businesses needing your service. Anything else is a waste of time - which we all don't have enough of already.

Really, 8,000 leads in a month?

You bet. The DOT adds anywhere between 8,000 and 10,000 new companies each month - and you'll have access to them all with personal names and emails minutes after they apply for authority. Not only do you get access to the new authority applications, you'll also benefit from over 2 million records checked and updated each day. You'll benefit from from the most current information available every day for your sales and marketing efforts. No other service provides you the depth and completeness of transportation data like FreightConnect.

I already use another data provider. Why should I consider using FreightConnect?

There are two main reasons why people choose FreightConnect: Speed and Completeness. Every day, people are amazed at how much they've been missing out with competetive services. FreightConnect users have confirmed through their own tests and evaluation that they gain up to 85% more qualified leads compared to other similar services. For most people, you don't know what you don't know. This is most often true for companies who continue doing the same thing and expecting different results.

What benefit do I get when all this information is public?

In one word, convenience. As a salesperson or marketing department, would you rather spend precious time aggregating your own information manually, from up to 5 sources at the DOT, only to find that the information could be outdated the following day? Smart companies and business owners understand the efficiencies they receive from using FreightConnect. Not only do you receive operational efficiencies, you also get access to information that others don't know exist. The DOT doesn't allow you to search and filter companies based on criteria you set. You are restricted to looking up one company at a time, on up to 5 different sites. FreightConnect makes it easy for you to find companies in seconds, not days.