Get transportation data sent directly to your inbox

Streamline your sales process with highly targeted lists of carriers sent directly to you, saving you time and energy every day

Automated lead delivery

Save time searching, sorting and filtering leads every day with an automated data feed. You'll receive an email with a CSV list of your targeted list of carriers.

Only the data you need to prospect trucking companies

You can choose only the data attributes you need to make informed decisions for your product or service. With a data feed, you can gain access to over 180 different data points for the 2 million carriers available.

Formatting that you're CRM and team will love

Uploading data into your CRM or master file can be a pain when it's not formatted properly. No matter how you need your data prepared, FreightConnect has you covered.

Segmenting carriers has never been easier

Using over 180 different points, you have thousands of options you can use to segment your data feed. Receive carriers that have just applied for authority or companies that have added trucks to their fleet. The possibilities are endless.