Access brand new carriers the same day they apply for authority at the DOT.

Find carriers in your area that need your services. You’ll find brand new carriers every weekday.

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  • Get access to decision makers’ names, emails, and phone numbers
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Transportation Decision Makers

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Access the fastest leads in the industry. The same day that a carrier applies for authority at the DOT, you get access to a decision maker’s name, email, and phone number.

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Grow a high quality email list

You’ll find brand new companies added every week day. Over 8,000 emails are added every month. FreightConnect users report email deliverability rates of up to 95%. FreightConnect gets email addresses faster than any other source.

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Export search results

Incorporate leads into your daily workflow by downloading search results. Import lists of leads into your management software to enhance your business processes. Ask how you can get daily lists of leads emailed to you.

Chameleon carrier search

Monitor carriers you work with

Cut time and energy out of your qualification process using FreightConnect’s intuitive monitoring tools. Add customers and prospects to your Watch List to receive updates if authority information changes. Check for "chameleon" companies who use different names and docket numbers with Fraud Check.

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