• DOT# 1733856
  • MC639455
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  • This company has no SAFER profile


(956) 536-7553

Public Listing for JOSE E. ZAMORA

Key Contacts

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None on file

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None on file


Address:217 8TH STREET LA FERIA TX 78559
Mailing Address:BOX 9607 LA FERIA TX 78559
Phone/Fax:Get phone number(956) 536-7553
Phone:Get phone number(956) 536-7553
Email:Available in Company Report
DOT Number:1733856
Docket Number:MC639455
Power Units:

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Insurance Coverage

No insurance coverage information on file with the DOT.

Insurance Requirements

 Insurance RequiredInsurance on File

No insurance requirements on file with the DOT.

Fraud Prevention

Check for "chameleon" companies who use different names and docket numbers (MC, MX, FF).

Inspection Reports

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Truck & Trailer Info Inspections



No cargo authorization on file with the DOT.

  • General Freight
  • Liquids/Gases
  • Chemicals
  • Household Goods
  • Intermodal Cont.
  • Commodities Dry Bulk
  • Metal: Sheets, Coils, Rolls
  • Passengers
  • Refrigerated Food
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Beverages
  • Drive/Tow Away
  • Livestock
  • Paper Products
  • Logs, Poles, Beams, Lumber
  • Grain, Feed, Hay
  • Utilities
  • Building Materials
  • Coal/Coke
  • Agricultural/Farm Supplies
  • Mobile Homes
  • Meat
  • Construction
  • Machinery, Large Objects
  • Garbage/Refuse
  • Water Well
  • Fresh Produce
  • US Mail

Authority Status


No authority status on file with the DOT.

Operating Status

Operating Status:Record Inactive
Out of Service Date:

No Operating Status on file with the DOT.

Safety Ratings

Safety Rating:
Rating Date:
Review Type:
Review Date:

No safety ratings on file at the DOT.

Roadside Inspections

Total Inspections:
Driver Inspections:
Driver OOS Inspections:
Driver OOS Percentage:
Vehicle Inspections:
Vehicle OOS Inspections:
Vehicle OOS Percentage:
MCS-150 Filed:

Carrier Operation

Intrastate Only (HM):YESNO
Intrastate Only (Non-HM):YESNO

Operation Classification

  • Auth for Hire
  • U.S. Mail
  • Exempt for Hire
  • Federal Government
  • State Government
  • Local Government
  • Private Property
  • Private Passenger (Business)
  • Private Passenger (Non-business)
  • Indian Nation
  • Migrant

FreightConnect does not make any claims that JOSE E. ZAMORA is an actual trucking company or carrier. JOSE E. ZAMORA information is sourced from the DOT and is public information, made available through the FOIA.

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Any warnings shown on this profile is not a reflection of company but is based off publicly available information. Warnings point out if a carrier has inactive authority (common, contract and broker authority), their Operating Status is not active (out of service, not authorized, record inactive), their safety rating is conditional or unsatisfactory, as well as if the company has an outdated MCS-150. As the owner of this business, you have full control over the warnings the DOT displays about your company. We strongly encourage you to contact the DOT to fix your outstanding issues that they've noted about your business.

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