Qualify and Monitor Carriers for Authority, Insurance, Safety and Compliance

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Membership Highlights

  • Post & view loads on load board
  • Proactive alerts on Authority & Insurance
  • Due Diligence tools including Fraud Protection
  • Search for carriers by cargo type, fleet size, city/state, years in business and more
  • Over 2 million companies updated daily
  • Driver recruitment tools
  • Only $99.99 per month or $999.99 per year (17% annual discount)

In today's Transportation environment, hiring one carrier with sub-par credentials can spell disaster. It is critical to have an efficient system to check credentials and quickly qualify potential carrier partners with a way to monitor your list of carriers for future violations automatically and on a daily basis.

My Logistics team has tried just about every popular carrier monitoring service available. We find FreightConnect to be the easiest, quickest, most accurate and least expensive of all the available services. My team has dramatically improved our carrier qualification process by using FreightConnect, freeing up time to do what is important, which is to find and book trucks. We now have the most up-to-date carrier safety information available at our fingertips and we are saving hundreds in the process.
~ Brett Robinson • Director of Logistics • LowGradeLumber

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Save Countless Hours with Carrier Monitoring

Post and View Loads

As a Shipper or Freight Broker, you'll have full access to our load board. You can post and view unlimited loads on the web's hottest new load board.

  • Post unlimited loads online
  • Connect with Shippers and Carriers to help move loads
  • View which carriers have viewed your loads, and contact them directly
  • Automatically post loads via web services

Automatically Monitor Authority and Insurance

Each day, FreightConnect will notify you by email and online with Notifications about changes in carrier's authority and insurance information. Over 200 different attributes are checked each day, keeping you in the loop so you know you're only working with legal, safe and trustworthy carriers.

  • Add carriers to your Watch List, and we'll send you updates whenever their information changes
  • Access alerts anywhere, anytime by email or online (internet connection required)
  • You can clear notifications that you've already dealt with, so you'll only be seeing the newest changes

Easy Carrier Qualification

With FreightConnect, you can easily shave hours off your existing qualification process using our intiutive interface and tools.

  • Carrier Warnings show you which areas you need to focus on when qualifying new and existing companies
  • Information is updated each day, equipping you with everything you need to make a decision quickly

Perform Due Diligence & Fraud Prevention

Complete your Due Diligence in seconds with Compliance Certificates, Fraud Check and Access Logs.

  • Everytime you book a load with a carrier, print or save a Compliance Certificate which documents the day and time you vetted their information
  • Check for "chameleon" companies who use different names and docket numbers (MC, MX, FF) with the click of a button
  • Check how often you're reviewing carrier information and provide proof of verifcation with Access Logs

Search Existing Carriers

Advanced search capability allows you to comb the huge database of U.S. carriers to find the best carriers for the lanes you need. You’ll get almost 200 brand new trucking companies added every week day.

  • Over 82 different filters to find the carriers you need
  • Export to CSV included for no extra charge
  • Unlimited reports

Accurate Information

Every time you search for a carrier, we simultaneously verify information on all public DOT and FMCSA websites. No more logging in to multiple sites to look up SAFER company profiles, then SMS BASIC scores, and then insurance information, and so on.

  • Update over 2 million carriers every 24 hours
  • Save hours each week verifying carrier information

Carrier Monitoring

Take advantage of this special offer for Carrier Monitoring. You can pay $99.99 per month or $999.99 per year. A little money today can save you countless hours and headaches tomorrow.

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