Hi! Welcome to FreightConnect.

FreightConnect offers a fresh, new way to get the most updated carrier data, including new carrier registrations, in the US. We update our database daily, which is 3-5 days faster than any other service. We also offer the best Load Board on the web, totally free. Bringing shippers and carriers together like never before.

FreightConnect was born out of necessity, really. Our previous company ships full truckloads of off-grade wood and building materials to companies across North America. As you can imagine, they dealt with several thousand trucking companies every day. For a number of years, they used Carrier411. Carrier411 was reliable and mostly met our needs for the time we used it.

Over time, our logistics needs outgrew the capabilities of Carrier411's website. Logistics team members wanted direct access to Carrier411's web services so we could internally run more reports on carrier data and trends. When they refused to let us integrate with their system, we decided to build a carrier monitoring system ourselves. Once we began researching the process, we were pleasantly surprised to find the tools and capacity to allow us to offer the same services as our former provider, for much better prices.

As we refined our processes to gather data on existing registered carriers, we discovered the ability to capture data for carriers that are newly registered and haven’t even had authority granted yet. We recognized the great opportunity to provide such early-stage prospecting information for companies that sell products and services to the carrier industry. Thus, the current version of FreightConnect was born.

We still offer carrier monitoring services like Carrier411… but now you get even more with FreightConnect!

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